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I use "TrafficWave" >> Buster Retirement Plan SEE under picture 7 entries, 15 comments
FLASH : ALL the People (there are many more) you see here are committed to THE RETIREMENT PLAN.(see the site) Come to the group on Skype................I am "oregontrailseeker" and I can put you in it and you can sit on the side line and just Observe >>>> ( just say I want to Retire when you come to Skype....I will take care of your 2nd month (I will Pay) so that is 60 days for you to gather your own Flock and RUN with it. IF YOU DECIDE TO JUMP ON .........I AM HERE TO HELP YOU GET YOUR START ASAP. Thanks ! Have a great week .............................................always count your BLESSINGS... Pray for Japan ....OK! As Always ! Happy Day Ron TheEcoGuy from Oregon

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