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Name: Pilar Tobias
IM Screen Name: pilar.tobias (Skype)
Location: Tracy, Ca, United States

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Pilar serves as President & CEO at Total Solutions Alliance LLC and is located in Tracy, CA. Additionally, Pilar serves as Broker Owner at Tobias Realty and Broker Owner at Innovative Lending and President at Light House Investor's Alliance. Prior to founding Total Solutions Alliance LLC, Pilar served as Qualified Marketing Director at World Financial Group. Before arriving at World Financial Group, Pilar served as Broker Associate at Connect Realty.com. Prior to that, Pilar served as Broker Associate at Global Realty Marketing. Earlier in her career, Pilar served as Loan Originator at Global Equity Lending. and Pilar served as Regional Marketing Director at World Leadership Group.Before arriving at World Leadership Group, Pilar served as Loan Officer at RealtyServ Mortgage. Prior to that, Pilar served as Realtor at Century 21 Champion. At present, Pilar is a member of Santa Clara Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Nouveau Riche Community and National Association of Realtors. Pilar attended Central High School and studied General Education in 1973. Pilar also attended Sacred Heart University and studied Phsycology and Connecticut Business Institute and studied Accounting and earned a Associates degree in 1979. Pilar's core expertise includes Financial Services Industry: Real estate investments and mortgages. Pilar enjoys Spending time with my family and helping others become successful by teaching them to become entrepreneurs.

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