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Name: Charles Garner
IM Screen Name: charlescgarner (Yahoo!)
Location: Stockbridge, GA, United States

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As an Internet Marketing Coach I donít consider myself psychologists or therapists assisting patients to recover from dysfunction and emotional pain. My coaching takes clients from average to excellence! As an Internet Marketer for more than 10 years, I am willing to partner with you and/or your business to bring you to excellence. Together we can: * Create clarity, focus and powerfully move forward with HUGE results. * Successfully negotiate important life transitions such as time management, how to create a good list, learn how to get great results, and begin or build upon a new business. * Discover your life mission and life vision. * Get unstuck when you're not happy with where you are in your goals.

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"Official" Be Your Own Boss9 entries, 245 comments
This blog has been generated to assist other Marketers that work from home.
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Social Impact Marketing3 entries, 25 comments
Social Impact Marketing developed by Andy Zeus Anderson. Our blog here at IBS will provide information and training related to SIM and 7 Monkeys.
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Internet Marketing Mastery - UOIS & IMG4 entries, 29 comments
Inter-Network Marketer Meet me online @ UOIS!
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