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Name: Gwyndaf Jones
Location: Nefyn, Gwynedd, United Kingdom

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Give an extra 1%!! My wife Linda and I love to spend time with our 5 fantastic grandchildren, Josua, Cenin, Celt, Iwan and Berian, ~ Make that six fantastic grandchildren ~ Noa joined us on April 16th. But as I am now retired, I do have time for other things. I'm actively involved with the world's premier wealth creation company which keeps me out of mischief, it also happens to provide me with an additional source of income to supplement my Civil Service Pension. I really enjoy working from home, and with hindsight, might have taken it up sooner, but "C'est la vie!". If anyone has the desire to make money working from home, give it some serious thought, and apply due diligence, because finding a legitimate home based business is not easy, and please note my "Favorite Quotation" below, because it really applies to any home based business opportunity. You will not achieve success overnight ~ you'll need to develop skills, acquire knowledge, and get support in order to get to where you want to be. But however long the journey, the end result, provided you've chosen wisely, can be truly life changing. Thankfully, I joined "Wealth Masters International" which provides the platform for success in all aspects of my life Wealth, Health and Wisdom allowing you to achieve abundance in all areas of your life, all by helping others get what they want in their lives. I also run ~ Free Quick Cash Videos ~ which provides the all important training that all network marketers need, and I can offer all my FB friends Free and exclusive lifetime membership to my Fast Cash Club. If you ever feel like joining me, you're welcomed to get in touch. Finally, I was recently introduced to a product that captured my imagination. As a marketer you sell to people, and people buy from people, so the relationship you develop is vitally important. Enhance your presence and develop those relationships using the "must have" tools available from Talk Fusion If you want to know more ~ provide me with your e-mail address and I'll surprise you with my response. I wish you all every success

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Multi Billion Dollar Giants Cisco predict that by 2014 over 90% of global consumer traffic will be Video.

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