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Name: Jay Calvin
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I find the Net an interesting place. Many come out here to seek a real opportunity to increase their bottom line while others are here to play games. Some just surf and others seek Mr. or Mrs. Right or Mr. or Mrs. Right now. I actually retired from the computer industry about the time Bill was coming out of his garage with Windows; if I had the knowledge I have now then I would not be where I am today. What I mean by that is; There are 2 lines that run in our lives, the First line is the "TIME LINE" and the other is the "OPPORTUNITY LINE". Look back in your life and whether it was a personal or a business relationship you can see the two LINES. The TIME and OPPORTUNITY lines run parallel and when they start to merge and cross that is the exact time we can make Great personal relationships and Terrific business advances. Most of us can look back and see where the two lines came together and we got lucky and the "Great & Terrific" just happened for us, and if we are honest we can look back and see where we just missed seeing the Two Lines merging at all. Now that we are being honest, look back and see how many times we tried to force the Timing and or the Opportunity and fell flat on our face and wrecked a personal relationship or a business opportunity. Wisdom is the ability to take knowledge and past experience and see The Lines and not force them and to also see when they are merging and then take Massive Immediate Action and make the best of a personal or business opportunity. WDT & HW is what you need to bring to the table when you pull the trigger and engage. What is WDT & HW? Will, Desire, the ability to be and stay Teachable and then, to just do the Hard Work it takes to reach your Dreams and Goals. I lost 50% of the people that clicked on this page and saw there were few pictures and only text on this page, and others clicked off after they saw the words "Hard Work". FACT: "Nothing GOOD in this life will be given to you. You must find what you want and then define WHY you want it then go take it!" I was a millionaire at 29 and that means nothing to you nor does it to me. I was both in the right place at the right time (and didn't even know my Time & Opportunity Lines were merged) and worked hard for 3 or 4 years, 18 - 20 hrs/day 8 days a week. Many think they can get on the Web and get in some type of opportunity or business and without investing any money or very little, next to no time and then be making thousands of dollars if not tens of thousands a month in no time. Yet the fact is I have never seen in my life where one could make even rent money by doing that. If your Dreams and Goals are not to even make rent money or you are afraid of a couple hours of work every day then click off this page and surf on as what I have to share is not for you. Now in my 50's I have worked for The Man for less than 5 years, the rest have been on my own from age 12. I was a lone wolf as I always knew that if I had employees that I was the one responsible for their mistakes also. Now with the knowledge and past experience I know that being a Team Player and helping the ones that will help themselves will in turn allow me to reach my goals. I got a call from a friend the first week of April 2011 and he shared an opportunity with me that meets all the requirements for me to make this the vehicle for not only my success but also for those WE share it with. This is not a business that is Free, nor in Pre-launch, and you will not be placed at the Top and No, it is Not EASY! This is what it is; A real way to start Your Own Business and be on and build a TEAM that will pay the rent within 60 to 90 days! You will have to commit a couple hours a day to your business, have the Will and Desire to make and meet your goals, be teachable and positive and care about the people you bring on to our TEAM. This is not the "Next New Shiney Thing". If you are or want to be a leader and share a vehicle to success with others and you have the Will, Desire are Teachable, not afraid of Hard Work and can and will commit, then pick up the phone and call me before you register so we can talk about Our System. Jay Calvin Direct 707-58-SISEL

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