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Name: Richard Darnell
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For most of my adult life I was a trial lawyer dealing with personal injuries, banking, corporations, and the like. What I did not prepare for was the latest in economic recession (near depression). Perhaps others take the same errant road - thinking that my ability to produce the needed levels of income would never run out. The awakening was rude to put it mildly. This economic recession is now the 13th I have endured during my lifetime. The first I remember was 1957. Through the course of life, one learns many valuable lessons. The most important value for life is "Thrift." Being thrifty in all things such as eating, sedentary, and living below your means just enough to secure significant savings and assets. You will appreciate the options these financial advantages offer as you advance in years. Only 5% of persons reaching the age of 65 have self sufficient income. Become one of those 5%.

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