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I have been in Healthcare for over 40 years. From being a Nursing Assistant to a Director Of Nursing. My specialty has always been in Geriatrics, the branch of medicine dealing with the disease of old age. I absolutely loved this part of medicine. About 15 years ago an Alzheimer's resident became irate and through me up against a wall. Rupturing a few of my disc in my low back. The only thing I've become addicted to in this time period is TV. I have always showed good integrity as well as being a hard worker. Anything I set out to do, I complete.I want to leave my children more than just my name. I want to have a better retirement plan then I do at this moment. I have loved the movie "Pay It Forward." from the moment I saw it. If more people would build on this concept, we all would live in a much better place. If I can help three people, pay it forward and they in turn would help three more people we would all have a Better Life!` Cheers to your success and mine.

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