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Big List Big Sales - Get Paid Today Review, How To Get Guaranteed $19k And 3,9k Subscribers  
ima Sat 28 Aug 2010 ima

Arvell Lewis is the Man Of The Month in my humble opinion - find out why.

What it is and how it works:

Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today has been created by Arvell Lewis and launched recently.

While the conception of the product itself is not new - there exist a couple of similar FREE sources online there is a huge, huuuuge advantage here:

Everyone is GUARANTEED to get at least 5 paid subscribers from company ads (in case they are not able or willing to promote and bring people in themselves)!

Do you get the entire picture what that actually means?

5 people for everybody over time, 5 levels down = 3 905 GUARANTEED subscribers, times $5.00 = $19 525.00 GUARANTEED...

But - let me start at the beginning:

Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today offers lifetime ad spots to their members at a ONE Time Expense of a total of $30.00 per position.

Basically it is an "Ad - Snowball" System, viral advertising over 5 levels.

Upon joining each new member must pay $5.00 to their 5 level upline each One Time plus $5.00 Admin Fee.

That means, once you are a member YOU will get $5.00 from every new member who joins within your organisation 5 levels deep DIRECTLY paid into your AlertPay Account.

The money is paid directly from member to member NOT to the company - NO Waiting Times or Owner running away with YOUR money! (Arvell wouldn't do this anyway...)

Your Ad will be seen a minimum of 3 905 times (plus the number of those who do not join).

Remember, this is just the GUARANTEED portion... If you managed to refer 10 people and each of them gets the minimum of 5 sales that are GUARANTEED to them - it would be 7 810 times...

I have "googled" Arvell Lewis and couldn't find any negative comments so far.


It does cost money and isn't FREE (LOL)...

If anyone would like to call this a disadvantage - on the other hand it means you will get at least a list of 3 905 people who are willing and able to pay for a service...

Meaning that they are much more likely to join you in other programs as a paid member that you might belong to...


This is a REAL "Get Paid To Advertise" Program with Guarantee

You may change and modify your ad as many times as you wish (up to 650 characters).

The space is YOURS as long as Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today exists - I hope that will be for decades...

It is NOT a forced matrix - you can build it as wide as you can and wish...

This, on the other hand means - UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for your earnings with the program PLUS for the program(s) that you decide to advertise!


Well, I am in (LOL)

No, seriously: Probably my best spent $30 ever.

An ad space for life, helping me to develop any of my other businesses

I don't think that I will need the company guaranteed 5 Sign ups but rather build like crazy and promote my fingers off...

No Way anyone could possibly loose here...

REAL Win - Win Situation.

Still not confident? Still not sure?

OK, the next 10 people joining with me I am offering a paid entry into either

My Team at Fortune5Minutes-MillionairesClub (F5M-MC) @ bronze level - $5.00 value

OR into

Join4ADollar (J4D), $1.00 value and their next higher level ThePowerOf3 (TPO-3), $3.00 value (total of $4.00)

Your choice...

Both of them great programs to Learn And Earn...!

Everybody who is willing to share my above offer will be put on my TEAM rotator that I promote (must become member of ALL the 3 programs above...) and will potentially get sign ups from my promotions too...

Please PM me or post on my Blog directly if you have any questions.

To Your Success

Stefan Roth

P.S. Get in as fast as possible at Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today! I mean it. See, the company matrix is growing daily and the Waiting Time for your GUARANTEED 5 Sign Ups is naturally increasing because of that fact...

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