Thu 21 Mar 2013

Part2: Three sizzling ways to provide value TODAY...

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"We Are Not Here Just to Take Up Space,

but To Do Something for Someone Today!"


Start Providing Value TODAY.


"Your secret key to success"

Tip 1 - Start with what you know!

You'll hear people talking about niche marketing and how to research to find a good niche, etc. And that's all fine when it comes to straight up business for business sake, but that always ends up being sleazy.  And maybe you can provide value, but my guess is that if you start with the market research, you're really going to be producing the illusion of value.

If you start with something you're good at...something you're great at, then you'll automatically provide value. Maybe you're an expert at tying knots. Maybe figured out a way to dye your hair without chemicals. Whatever you know, that most people don't know, is if & where you can provide value.

Make a YouTube video, write and article, comment on related blogs, help people in forums, offer your services to local non-profits. I'm really just thinking out loud and guess what??

I'm going to skip the next two tips because I just came up with a brilliant idea...

Offer your services to local non-profits...for free!!

In a word: PR

Think about it. If you provide a valuable service to non-profits in your area you are guaranteed to be able to get some press out of it. If nothing more than having something worthy of sending out on a web syndication service. 

It will get picked up by blogs and aggregators and it will generate traffic for you. If you don't believe me, just watch...

  • I'm literally going to do this starting tomorrow!! lol

Here's my main point: try to help someone else.

Things have really come full circle with how social the web and the world are now.

You really need to focus on doing things that help others - not just yourself. 

So if you don't think you have a service you can offer to non-profits, then start off easy and answer some questions in a forum. But whatever you do, get out there and start providing value for others. I will come back to you...

  • I promise! :)

In my next installment, I'm going to share how You can make big money and be your own banker, so stay tuned...

Until then it's really quite simple:

Provide Value Today!
( And if there's something else you need help with, just "reply" and let me know. )


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