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Thursday, September 9  

Testing New Cash Gifting Program

Social Help Money ;  Sort of an odd name but it gets the point across.  I joined this last night because it came highly recommended by a friend. 

This new program just launched on August 29, 2010 and with a low start-up cost of $7.00, I'd say it is worth checking out. 

  • New Cash Gifting With Spillover Effect!
  • Cash Gifting Like No Others!
  • New 7x4 Matrix With Instant Payments!
  • Everybody Earns! Everybody Wins!
  • An Unique Opportunity Where EVERYBODY WINS!

Social Help Money has 8 levels that you may participate in. You start from level 1 by paying $7 to your direct upline. Once your payment is confirmed you may promote your referral link and receive direct payments from your referrals.

Referral structure.
We preferred a forced matrix - it promotes teamwork and is more favorable for a high rate of retention (as long as the pay plan is a good one – and this one is good). A forced matrix allows the newer and/or inexperienced members to benefit from the “spill-over” and “spill-under” of members that are actively promoting the program.

Sounds pretty standard, so I joined last night.  This morning I woke up with 2 referrals under me and 2 notices from AlertPay that I had received my gifts. 

  1. $ 7 7 first level referrals pay you $7 each.
$ 49
  2. $ 20 49 second level referrals pay you $20 each..
$ 980
  3. $ 60 343 third level referrals pay you $60 each.
$ 20580
  4. $ 180 2401 fourth level referrals pay you $180 each.
$ 432180

As with any program, as long as the people you work with try to keep the program moving, It will succeed. 

Levels & Stages

Every member starts from level 1 and pays directly to his upline. There is no time limit when you decide to buy the next level. But the system itself will send you a message when your downline members are willing to pay you a payment for a higher level. It is important to understand the structure of payments in our program. It`s really unique and cool!

So, as of this morning, I've recovered my $7 investment and have another $7 on top of that, so I will be talking with more people about this and see if they are interested.

If you are interested, contact me on Skype (monna.ellithorpe) or leave me a message in the comments or better yet, take a leap and see how it works for you;  Social Help Money

I will let everyone know how things progress.

Monna Ellithorpe

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