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Sunday, December 12, 2010
Fellow Marketers, are you developing your skills by using a "funded proposal" like, for instance, the best web builders (BWB) to bring leads and prospects into your funnel?  If not, you're definitely losing money! 

Fortunately, you can do something about it:  First, make sure that YOU and YOUR TEAM are members of our absolutely free BWB Training Site.   

The final step to kick start any business you have is to implement these five keys for retaining an active organization:  Inspiration, Information, Activation, Recognition and Confirmation.

Something about your splash page, or your article, or your advertising sparked the inspiration in your clients (HINT:  your entire down-line organization ARE your clients!);  each one submitted their email address and name to be on your list.  Initially, it's up to you to keep your clients inspiration growing with....  

"Inspiration Without Information Creates Frustration".  This quote is credited to Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics many years ago, but it still applies to this day.   The Information category is broken down into three sections:  Product Information, Business Building Techniques, and The Details.

Product Information:  are you inspiring your team with beneficial knowledge  so they can confidently communicate the true benefits of their products instead of using ridiculous cliches like "Our products are the best"....or "We have the best compensation plan"?   Prospects have heard this pitch so many times, it sounds like "blah...blah...blah...blah" to them.

Building Techniques:  This category should be your foundation for empowering your team to create cash flow and a lasting residual income.  Use BWB's Training and Marketing System as your teams "funnel" and use it as a gateway to place them in your primary business.  This way, your team members will make money even when someone doesn't join their business.  Your Team members shouldn't be overwhelmed and confused so make sure you have a great "get started" program like BWB.  Although BWB has great training tools, you should still reach out to your down line, consult with them, find out their personality type, the marketing strategies they prefer and can invest in.  Inspire them to master the first Rule of Business:
"Never Let Your Past Predict Your Future"!   This will empower them to copy  YOUR success and leadership.  Above all, you must always give clear guidance, especially in the beginning. 

The Details - Are you showing your team how the BWB compensation plan works in detail?  Be sure to direct them to BWB's "compensation calculator"; although BWB does a great job of "closing the deal" with group training, prospecting webinars, and fantastic tools, it never hurts to send a quick email reminding your down line of scheduled training, asking them if they have specific questions, or even providing one-on- one coaching sessions.   Above all, make sure that YOU have a knowledge base of FAQs, articles and training videos that can be accessed by your team even when you're not available.

Activation means so much more than just having activity within your Team.  Your activity will have to be strategic and powerful enough to inspire the right effort from your team to move towards a common goal as a collective body.  Group growth, individual accountability and being the Leader and Feeder will keep team efforts focused on the right activity.

People love to be recognized.  Think of various rewards for getting started.  It could be for signing up new affiliates, having a first "30 leads day", asking questions during a meeting, moving up in rank, or getting a first sale.  The rewards are endless and can range from restaurant gift cards, to a shout out on a webinar or conference call.  As the results get bigger, so do the awards.  Don't wait for the company to recognize your team.  When you do it, you keep more people on your team.

Confirmation is about you clearly communicating your vision to your organization so they too can see the big picture.  Its about you as a leader and feeder, assessing the needs of your entire organization.  Its about envisioning the big picture of where and how you'll lead your organization to success.  Go back and look at the other four keys to growing your business: Inspiration, Information, Activation, and Recognition.  If you're doing them well, then your organization will learn from you to do the same.

If you're serious about your business, I'm serious about helping you grow it.  Owning ANY type of business takes dedication, determination and learning.  If you're ready to develop the skill set needed to build your online empire, here's where you can get EVERY tool you need to get started---for FREE!   Click on the question below to find out all the answers: 

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Thanks for stopping by Dolle's Lemonade Stand. Visit often for refreshing views about increasing your bottom line while working at home!  Check out the Top 5 websites you need to see today!

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