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Sun 8 Apr 2012
istalla il piccolo soft GRATUITO e guadagna senza fare nulla per tutta la vita

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Sun 8 Apr 2012

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Sun 8 Apr 2012

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Sun 8 Apr 2012

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Another great cookbook, in 2009 Tino Rozzo Published this Italian/Sardinian cookbook “Cucina Del Paradiso:The Sardinain Kitchen” By Tino Rozzo This one of a kind cookbook is based of the cuisine of ancient and mystical Sardinia. It hosts Italy’s most reassured culinary indulgence. Pasta’s, grilled meats, fish, desserts. It is very Italian, yet very Sardinian. The Author writes of its history, culture, his family. Another must own cookbook!!!! Your family and friends will be treated to this delectable food adventure. Eat as if you where in Sardinia itself!! Metric Friendly. Gorgeous cover. Order Now!!!!! Also on NOOK and Kindle (Cheaper too)

See our cooking show video
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Sun 8 Apr 2012

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Sun 8 Apr 2012



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