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Thu 19 Apr 2012

Hi there [FIRST_NAME]

It\'s finally live...

The most amazing private label rights and
coaching package ever released just went live!

I have been so excited about this package because
there are just so many ways for YOU to make-money
with it, and the personal coaching you\'re also
going to get with it makes failure NOT an option!


You\'re going to get 15 full blown coaching workshops
(all related to marketing online and/or creating an
online business) with private label rights, a new
one each month for 6 months, 16 niche products
each month, your own blog content membership, and
coaching that is going to allow you to profit with it all.

There\'s also a ton of great bonuses where you\'ll
get training, coaching, and even more PLR products!

Here\'s the thing...

The price is going up in just a few days, and some
of the bonuses WILL be taken away then too, so
make sure you grab this package now while it\'s
super cheap AND while you can still get ALL the bonuses!


Buying this package is hands down the best decision
you could possibly make for yourself because as
I said NOT making-money with it just isn\'t an option...
You\'re finally going to be able to cash-in and get
REAL help from a million dollar marketer who truly
cares about you!


To your success!

Garry Yakimchuk


My Clickbank Store (10,000 Products)

Usana Health Sciences

Totally Tweetable

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

Hello, You may be interested to know that out of all the ways to start earning quickly online, having a well done review site is one of the best ones. Normally, it takes A LOT of work to get a review site going. You have to find a good host, write the title, the text, find good products to review, design the graphics, test it, come up with a marketing plan, keywords, set up a follow up email list, and much much more. For most people, this is too much work and 99% of them just won\'t do it. They\'ll go back to their jobs or their normal traditional businesses and forever be doomed to not share in the incredible wealth and freedom from their own successful internet business. That is, UNTIL NOW. As an initial launch promotion, we are making available to a few people their own Affiliate Review Site, completely set up to generate income IMMEDIATELY. And you don\'t have to do anything except follow some simple instructions. To access the promotion, see :

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

Hello Marketers

Downline builders can be a great way to start
generating traffic and promoting your programs.
The problem comes when your programs don\'t match
the owners agenda.

Everyone needs traffic and to bring people into
their sphere of influence but you hate to have the
owner decide the agenda for building your business.

Well that has now changed. Paul Kinder
has put together a new downline builder and you
decide what to promote.

He will help you to bring people into YOUR sphere of
influence and deliver traffic to YOUR programs not
his. YOU decide what to promote to YOUR downlines.

He has also included tips and tricks for building
your traffic but lets you build YOUR business.

Check them out today and start filling YOUR funnel.

jason descheneaux

P.S. Stop letting others control YOUR business and
take control today.

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

Hello Friend,

How would you like to share your business opportunity with thousands of serious network marketers around the world?

The TBP Pro Directory Listing allows you to do just that! And you also receive all the benefits of being a Team Building Project member, which means even more global income streams are available to you!

Here\'s a brief summary of what you get with your TBP Pro Directory Listing:

Include as much personal information as you like!
- Full Name
- Full Address
- Private eMail
- Private Telephone
- Personal Website/Blog Links
- Social Network Links (e.g. your FaceBook page)
- About Me (share anything you like about yourself!)

Add multiple business opportunities to your TBP Pro Directory Listing!
- Include Full Title
- Include Full Description
- Include Your Affiliate Link

Access to Real-Time Profile Viewing Reports
- Instant e-Mail notification when someone views your profile.
- See who has viewed your profile.
- When they viewed your profile.
- How many times they viewed your profile.
- You can even contact anyone that views your profile.

Access to Real-Time Click-Through Reports
- Instant e-Mail notification when someone clicks on your affiliate/distributor link.
- See who has clicked on your affiliate links.
- When they clicked on your affiliate links.
- How many times they clicked on your affiliate links.
- You can even contact anyone that clicks on your links.

Visit for more details.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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Thu 19 Apr 2012

Great Gifts! Geat Keepsakes!

Tino Rozzo has published a new cookbook. “With Gratitude: A Westerner Cooks Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This Amazing Cookbook is just what you’re looking for. You’ll want to make this wonderful Asian cuisine. You’ll love every recipe. This cookbook has advise based on experience. The author tells of his adventures. This Cookbook has it all !!! Chinese, Japanese, and Korean soups, appetizers. Meat, fish, veggies. Impress your friends and family. This cookbook will be an indispensable part of your cookbook collection. Metric friendly. Beautiful cover

Barnes and Noble
AMAZON Or your favorite word wide

Another great cookbook, in 2009 Tino Rozzo Published this Italian/Sardinian cookbook “Cucina Del Paradiso:The Sardinain Kitchen” By Tino Rozzo This one of a kind cookbook is based of the cuisine of ancient and mystical Sardinia. It hosts Italy’s most reassured culinary indulgence. Pasta’s, grilled meats, fish, desserts. It is very Italian, yet very Sardinian. The Author writes of its history, culture, his family. Another must own cookbook!!!! Your family and friends will be treated to this delectable food adventure. Eat as if you where in Sardinia itself!! Metric Friendly. Gorgeous cover. Order Now!!!!! Also on NOOK and Kindle (Cheaper too)

See our cooking show video
facebook:Tino Cooks=!/groups/169001999858915/

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

ViSalus is offering over $25,000,000 a year in FREE products, prizes, and vacations for those with the best transformations on the Body by Vi Challenge.
I want to help YOU!!
Would you like to earn an extra income by promoting this awesome program - \"The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge?\" You can get paid each week plus a monthly bonus cheque. How awesome is that? This is so easy to do!
Will you decide to be open-minded and educate yourself on what the Body by Vi Challenge is all about and decide to take action on it - you will set yourself up to be part of the biggest company this industry has ever seen!!!

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Thu 19 Apr 2012


Can you believe it\'s only been ONE week?

In the past 7 days I\'ve personally seen over
5,028 individual commissions get PAID because of
the APM System.

In most online programs, the TOP earners make up
about 98% of the entire income of the company...

BUT- As you\'ve seen we are changing the rules,
BIG Time!

We\'ve got some huge news coming very soon with
the APM system and you will NOT want to miss this

Make sure you have your downline go check out
this link right now:

I\'ve never seen so many people make money without
sponsoring a single person. It\'s TRULY incredible!

To Your Success,
Rosa Nunez

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

7% Daily!...

154% ROI after 30 days!...

Top Notch Passive Program...

Most Professional Site and Staff!

Pays Like Clockwork!...

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Thu 19 Apr 2012


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Thu 19 Apr 2012

*** My high days:
October 12th: $3,770
February 9th: $3,370
February 26th: $2,885
March 14th: $2,482

### I have my backoffice commission report on video, now it\'s higher than this.
Recorded from my laptop in front of my desktop monitor:

Here are more...

* JIM - earned $102,000 in his first 7 months and went on
to earn $160,000 in his first full year!

* JOHN - earned $10,000+ his first month! And, John is
making money every month!

* WALT - earned over $16,000 in his first 6 weeks, one
of his days was over $940!


What do all these high earners have in common?
They all started at least with 3 packages, or higher,
and those who started with less than 5...quickly upgraded
using their earnings. This is the power of leveraging your
income with EZ Wealth Solution:

There are online 5 packages each containing 100 or more digital and software products. When new members join/upgrade, they get instant access to the download links for the products. This is NOT MLM, you get paid for direct sales of products, member-to-member, and they DO pay so they can be part of this fantastic income-generating system! No personal selling, the videos on the site help close our sales. All you need to do is post ads. Simple!


Just take the tour and watch both pay-plan videos.

You do not need to do ANY personal selling,
just post ads...
the pay-plan videos do all the
\"heavy\" lifting...THEY CLOSE SALES FOR YOU!
Also read the Transcript of Part 2 (Compensation Plan)...
and visualize unlimited $1,838\'s pouring in DAILY for YOU,
not just the $97\'s shown in the examples.

* Over $1,500 per week Realistic potential:

* Up to $5,000 to $10,000 per month or MORE happens for many members within their first month

* Lots of members of EZ Wealth Solution earn High 5 Figures to 6 Figures in their first year...

* Many members have had repetitive multi $1,000 days!

*NOTE* EZWS is now entering it\'s 5th year online and
rock-solid and have paid out nearly 2 Million Dollars...
100% commissions to WORLDWIDE members!

Join TODAY and I\'ll send you DOZENS of FREE AD sources
and copy & paste tweets that you won\'t get anywhere else.

Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

I am happy to give you this for FREE, no catch. All that is required to do is make sure to listen to video, fill in details and subscribe. This and much much more you will receive for free. No Spam.

Home Page Pays is Designed to provide all its members, Free and Paid, with the best of the internet and Exclusive content unavailable anywhere else.

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Thu 19 Apr 2012


Are you finding it difficult to make money online?
There is no way to truly succeed on the Internet without a program that actually works!

Introducing.... The Free Trial

TEST DRIVE the most powerful system on the internet for FREE -- no strings attached!

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* Backed by a ROCK SOLID 3 Year Old Company!
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Here\'s how you can get my incredible offer today. Urgently go to the website below.

Trust me on this - take 10 seconds right now and visit this site:

To YOUR Success,
Anna Andersen

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Thu 19 Apr 2012


This is your last chance to take advantage of John Thornhill\'s
excellent One Month Mentor program at 90% off, the doors are
closing in a few hours time and it will be gone FOREVER.

One Month Mentor will show you how you can build an online
business and become successful in just 31 days, so just
imagine where you could be this time next month!

Remember, this is not some simple push button solution, this
is 31 days of TOP QUALITY training, from an expert marketer,
that will show you how to really SUCCEED!

I really hope you manage to get in, as I KNOW this could
change your life!

To YOUR success,

David Money
+66 80 462 2256
Skype: davidmoney4

P.S. Don\'t worry if you don\'t have the time to do this at
the moment, your 31 days of training does not have to be
intense and back to back, you can spread your 31 days out
if you need to but if you want in you need to act RIGHT NOW!

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

That\'s the goal right?

If you can get people
to join your programs
every single day, your
life will change.

Mine sure has :)

It didn\'t come without
trial however.

I tested, tested &
tested some more!

In fact, I\'m testing
48 ad sources at the
moment and the info
I have on them is
worth my weight in

One ad source blows the
other 47 out of the


* It ranks #1 for traffic.

* It ranks #1 for conversion rates.

It\'s honestly the best
ad source I\'m using and
have EVER used since I
started out online.

AIA lets you promote 10
of your top links at
once and you can
literally get started
in a few mins:


This is a tip you should
act on now. I sure wish
I found them earlier :)

Emily Walsh

P.S. Always here to help :)


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Thu 19 Apr 2012

Another sale. This one from a man in Texas who says he has five other people ready to join him! What are you waiting for?

If you are sick and tired of struggling. If you are sick and tired of getting ripped off on your wireless bill then

join us. We can show you exactly how to finally be involved with a long term home. Stop the nonsense.

No more travel deals, no more bogus auction websites that rip people off, no more pills and potions

you have to beg others to buy. We do not be anyone to buy anything we just show them the alternative

like below!

EVERY new customer who orders service with Lightyear Wireless will receive 10 EXTRA days of service in April with Lightyear Wireless during the month of April! The normal Lightyear Wireless Unlimited Talk, Text, Data and $5 in FREE international calls per month is ONLY $59.99 for 40 days of service for new customers who order in April! Click on this link to download our promotion flyer TODAY!

Contact EVERYONE you know TODAY and invite them to join Lightyear Wireless as a customer in April and start SAVING money and GETTING more!

AT&T and Verizon Customers pay $69.99 for unlimited talk, $20 for unlimited text and $50 for 5 GB of data (No Unlimited Data Plans) per month. That’s $139.99. Compare that to UNLIMITED Talk, Text, Data and $5 in FREE international phone calls with Lightyear Wireless for ONLY $59.99 per month. Saves AT&T and Verizon customers $80 per month and gives MORE!

Why would anyone pay more to get less? Take a few minutes TODAY to learn about Lightyear Wireless Service and our amazing Phones!

To get started NOW go to

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Order your wireless service ( get ten extra days free!)

Start to tell EVERYONE you know about this ( this is something you can be PROUD to show them)

Refer three and your cell phone bill is free!

Help those three get free service and never pay a website fee again!

Lightyear cannot make it easier for you. Every day I have more and more people telling me they pay $150+ a month

for cell phone service. Stop the insanity! Stop getting ripped off!

Ask me about the emails I send out to get leads. Ask me about the local mailing pieces I send to local realtors, insurance agents, etc.

Ask me about contextual advertising.

This is something you can market a million ways. It is so EASY!

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

Join a honest business that you can
be proud of and start making those
commissions that you always wanted
to make online.

Free Cell Phone Offers and Deals for
T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint

For the past 9 years tmi wireless has
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Today, the vast selection of wireless
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tmi wireless
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Shop with 100% confidence at tmi wireless!

Shop Here:

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Thu 19 Apr 2012

I had to let you all in on this! If you\'re like most affiliate
marketers and webmasters, you\'ve been trying to make some decent
money by selling digital products that you\'ve acquired resell
rights to.
Good for you! You\'re most definitely on the right track!
However, we know that locating the product, creating and
uploading the sales page, as well as determining the resell
price all takes time. Time you would rather spend doing
something else..Am I right? You deserve a break!

Take a look:

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Thu 19 Apr 2012



GET 500,000 USA VISITORS FOR $18.00!!!


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