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~ A Rare Recommendation From Me !!

Hello Friends,

While I'm not an HYIP fan, occasionally I select a program I feel has potential as a longterm player in the field, and to my mind, will offer me the opportunity to grow my hardearned money for many months to come at a rate far more attractive than my bank's ROI !!!  Plus, more importantly, I am filling my favourite program's downline with DPT's responsive members ........BAM !!!

I'm speaking of Daily Pay Tripler.

DPT launched just one week ago, and already has 1200 + members. The program offers completely passive earnings of 2.5% daily for 60 days, and can be withdrawn or reinvested when $10 has accumulated in my account. The product is ad positions (or ad packs), and these cost $10 each, giving me 10,000 credits to assign to any program's banner I chose to ad to the rotator. Great advertising !

Referral comissions (up to 10%) are paid to 2 levels, and I've already earned and withdrawn over $100 in commissions alone, which means that in only a week I've doubled my $50 seed money, and received signups to my other programs via my banner ads! 

I have found both the admin (Tim Carlson, a Canadian) and Crystal, the lead support , to be responsive and friendly, and my withdraw requests have all been fulfilled within 24 hours or less, which is pretty impressive.

It's free to join and look around, so do go in and let me know what you think:


Margaret  :)




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How to Make a Difference and Earn While Doing So !!

Network Giving .....For a Life of Passion and Purpose !

For many years I have longed to be able to make a difference and to contribute on a regular basis towards the world hunger tragedy. But it seemed that unless there was a hunger crisis somewhere, regular donations were put on the back burner. Quite simply, there was never enough money at the end of the month.

However, I recently learned about the concept of Network Giving , that marries the power of network marketing with the goodness and benefits of charitable giving.

Charitable giving is now.... and always will be... awesome, but it falls short for 2 simple reasons -- not everyone can afford to give, especially in tough economic times like these, and one person's giving yields the results of only that one person.

NETWORK Giving, however, creates a perpetual funding machine that allows for continuous giving by an exponentially increasing number of people, while rewarding the givers for bringing more givers into the network.

This exclusive group of Network Givers has literally made it their business to make a significant impact on world hunger while creating a life of abundance, passion and purpose for their families.

Still on my wavelength ? Please take a few moments to listen to our video (#1 link at the bottom of this page.)

Then if, like me, you are excited by the idea of making a difference ..... Go to #2 link to complete Step 1 by clicking on Join Now (under the video) and selecting the Meal Pack program.

For help or questions, please contact me at #3 link.

God Bless, thanks for reading, and I look forward to network giving with you.

Margaret :)




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Marketing Made Easy ~ With 1 Click of a Button !!!!

Hello Friends and Fellow Marketers ~

I'm Delighted to Welcome You To My New Blog:


Here I plan to share with you the programs I'm passionate about, and/or in which I've personally done well.

As a network marketer for the past 20 years or so, I've spent a great deal of time trying out and researching a variety of programs, some excellent and some not so good.
Here I will recommend only those I feel confident about  ~ the "tried and true" !


First on my list today is 1-Click Marketing Machine, the latest creation by Sokule owners, Jane Mark and Phil Bastion. This is a totally awe inspiring software that truly is a "set it and forget it" technology that will knock your socks off !

1-Click offers:

+ Hands Free Marketing

+ Set it and Walk Away

+ Commissions Paid Daily

+ Promote your Websites on Autopilot 24/7/365

+ Reach over 7000 High Traffic Websites With 1 Click

+ Dramatically Increase Online Exposure 

Take a look at the submitters 1-Click
currently submits automatically to:

* Ping Submitter
* Search engine submitter
* Trackback submitter
* Social Bookmark Submitter
* Sophisticated Keyword trackback submitter
* Classified submitter
* Trackback Blog Submitter
* Scuttle Buster Submitter

Plus they will be adding soon an...

* Automatic Pligg Submitter
* PHPDug Social Poster
* RSS Feed Submitter

And lots more...will come after launch date on December 8th.

Special ~ till launch only:

Order the 3 campaign package and get

6 campaigns for the one low price.

How can you beat that, folks ?

Go straight to... 

...    >> <<

++I will be reviewing this site after launch when my first ad results are in, so please stay tuned !

Have a great day,

 Margaret :)


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